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Horrible Article About Plexus Slim Worldwide

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Truth In Advertising - What You Should Know About Plexus 

I always wondered what happened to Alfred Pettersen 

I Got Shut Down By Plexus Compliance

I have been shut down several times by Plexus Compliance. One time I was accused of joining TruVision Health back in 2015. Compliance got my son mixed up with me. They thought Sarah was my wife when she is my sons wife.

Note: I was the first person all this has happened to as far as I know of. Could the next word they go after be “slim”. I wanted to be my plexus site but compliance said no.

Why? Because I Have The Word Plexus In My Website Domain Name  is this sites domain name. I was told to take this site down. Originally I was told to take down my other sites and pick 2 sites I wanted to keep. I was also told to clean up any pages and links I have on the Internet. When I signed on to Plexus Worldwide in late 2011 I started making websites and other things on the Internet just like so many others were doing. At that time I was told I had to take down my websites that had “PlexusSlim” in the domain name. Example: . I complied and switched over to just using “Plexus”. Between 2011 and now we went around with compliance many times.

  1. Candida on websites a big issue.
  2. Plexus going from all natural to most natural was another big issue.
  3. Having prices on websites.
  4. Having “Order Plexus” had to be a certain way and go to a special link on the company site.
  5. No links going from my website to to other informational websites.
  6. One of my health and wellness websites had a separate article about Plexus and 2 articles about candida. These were totally separate articles.  . I was told to take the candida article off if I wanted the Plexus article on it. I removed the candida articles. This month I am now told to take the Plexus article off, so I did.

I just finished spending 4 plus days sitting in my recliner working on websites and getting Plexus off as many web sites as I could. Much of my Plexus Internet stuff goes back to 2012, 2013 and 2014.

I Could Have Two Plexus Websites

Plexus Compliance told me that I could have two websites in total. One for me and one for my wife. I picked this one and After that I was told that I could not have one with the word plexus in it. Initially I was told I could not have the words plexus slim in the domain name. This rule or what ever you want to call it was not adopted until I wanted to keep and use this site I am now being told that any website that had plexus or plexus slim in the domain name is non-compliant. – One word website like mine that has been up and running since 2013.

This was published Nov 13, 2013. Why is this video still up? Does the company want these to be running for others to see? Will your video be featured here next?

Candida spit test starts at the 7 minute mark. This person says they are a plexus ambassador.

Candida Links

The plexus and slim links below go to websites not controlled by this sites webmaster.

I Bill Elsenrath have been terminated by Plexus WW on 12/21/2016. Below are things that people get terminated over. I did not sign electronically or in person this “NEW” set of guidelines.

Plexus Prices Of Products – CLICK HERE

Plexus Diet Products -This site has Plexus Slim as All Natural. Why are Candida videos up and running? – ProBio5 & BioCleanse Article

A bunch of candida and plexus videos. CLICK HERE Over 15 plexus and candida videos

These links have plexus slim in the domain name.

Some of these are diamond sites.
Path To Diamond PDF – Quoting this off the pdf “our probio5 rids your body of candida yeast”
Pinterest – Plexus Candida Search – CLICK HERE – Candida pictures from ambassadors? – CLICK HERE ..

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases. Earnings Disclaimer: The owner of this website was a Plexus Independent Ambassadors and may make money/compensation from linking sites. was an Independent Ambassador Website. Ambassador #36170 – Notice: This site was approved by Plexus Compliance – Approval code: 5161336170-1  Now this Plexus site is not ok to have plus I have been terminated from the Company Plexus Worldwide.

They could have avoided all this if my wife was not terminated also.

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