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Plexus Slim

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Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Plexus Slim

I am a full time Plexus Slim Ambassador that answers my phone and returns calls. My Ambassador ID # is 31104. Write this down to use for ordering Plexus Worldwide products.
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Plexus Slim is also known as “The Pink Drink” because when the pink powder is mixed with 12 to 17 oz of water it turns a lite pink. The story I have heard is that when people were drinking the Plexus Slim at work, the gym and other public places  people would ask “What is that pink dink you are drinking?” The response would be we call it the Plexus Pink Drink for weight loss. In the early days of the company, Slim was the only weight loss product the company had.  The product worked well back then and it still works just as fine as it ever had.

1st time to order? Need help? If so call me, Robin Elsenrath 225-636-0818. I will be your Plexus Ambassador if I place your order. I will help you from now on as this is my full time job and I aim to make you happy! This is for new customers only.

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Plexus Slim is such an easy product to use. The pink powder comes in small packets a couple of inches long by about a half inch. To use just tear off the top of the packet and empty the contents into a bottle of water. I personally like to use a 16 oz bottle of water. I drink a couple ounces of water out of the bottle to make room for the Slim powder. The packet fits perfectly into the bottle opening because the packets are slightly rounded. After pouring the pink powder into the bottle just put the cap back on and shake until it is mixed, about 5 to 10 seconds. The powder mixes best if the water is not cold. All you have to do now is drink and enjoy the great taste of the Slim drink. I like the taste and compare it to a lite cherry pomegranate drink. It is best to drink it all within about a half hour of when you start. I usually drink my Plexus drink about 11 am in the morning. Below I have the instructions that are on the product label. It is best to follow these instruction’s when you first start.

When Do You Drink Plexus Slim 2015?

Plexus Slim has these directions on the package with the 30 packets: 30 minutes before any meal pour the contents of 1 packet of Slim into a 12-20 oz glass or bottle of water, stir/shake and then drink. This can be done two times a day and can be taken any time of day. I personally drink it in the morning by about 11 AM. I mix the pink powder in 8 to 10 oz of tap water. I find the powder dissolves and mixes best in water that is room temperature. After I mix it up I drink it down in one large quick drink. I just guzzle down the whole thing at one time. This is what works best for me. I usually tell people to follow the instructions and then adjust as you go to find out what works best for you. Everyone is different and the drink works differently for each individual. You can also add the Accelerator or the Boost capsules. For many people all that is needed in the Slim drink to get the weight loss desired but some need a little extra. The products come with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try the different products to what works best for you. If you are not happy with the results just return for a refund.

New At Plexus – Updated In June 2016

A lot of things have happened since I last updated this page back in 2015. Some very good changes have recently happened to make the company Plexus Worldwide ready for the future.

  1. Plexus Campus – The company has a new 70,000-square-foot World Headquarters office building opened in January 2016 and is across from the company’s 30,000 sq-ft warehouse and fulfillment center for an overall combined campus that exceeds 100,000 square feet.
  2. Many of the products have a personality of their own with new redesigned bottles with a fresh new label look.
  3. Newly Designed Website – The Plexus website has been totally redesigned for a better customer experience and ease of ordering products. The Ambassadors back office website is now bigger and better then ever. Now packed with all sorts of training material that makes it easier for the new representative (Ambassador) to hit the road running in this exciting business.
  4. Product Label Updates – Plexus Slim Review – Slim With Plexus Accelerator+ – You want to take your Accelerator+ with your Plexus Pink Drink in the morning after you have had your morning meal rather than on an empty stomach. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  5. More To Come!

Thanks To The Ambassadors That Supported This Site

I want to thank everyone that supported and was part of the Plexus Directory. I enjoyed doing this directory but sometimes when you think you are helping you end up finding that maybe you were not. My understanding is that some people, customers and others thought that this directory was the bulk of the Plexus Ambassadors in the areas that were listed. I can now see and understand that this may have caused some confusion when new customers were looking for a Plexus Ambassador in their area.


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America’s #1 weight loss product is Plexus Slim.

44 comments on “Plexus Slim

  1. Codi says:

    Is there anywhere I can purchase Plexus TODAY? As in get my products today? I did the 7 day trial, and my clothes are already not as tight! I didn’t weigh myself, but I was thrilled when I fit into my shorts with a little less effort, that were very snug when I first started. I don’t want to skip days. If I could just get the pink drink mix, I’ll wait for the pills to come in. Thanks

  2. Website owner says:

    I’m sorry but due to company policy we are unable to put prices on the Internet for plexus products. Call me at 225-636-0818 and I will be happyto tell you the prices.

  3. Ruth says:


    Good afternoon. We Plexus Ambassadors are not allowed to post prices. But, I will be glad to answer any of your questions on the products, the business side as well as prices. Please call me 985-705-7185 or visit my site http://myplexusproducts.com/81607 or visit my blog at http://JoinPlexus.com

    ID # 81607

  4. Anonymous says:

    How much is the cost ?
    I am interested for my grandson an my self.Do u have any sample packs that u can try first before u purchase the whole products? Just wanna make sure it works.

  5. barbara howard says:

    I’d just like to know the prices!! I’ve asked local people that sale it an I get a dales pitch!!! All I won’t to know is how much !”!

  6. PlexusSlim says:

    Having problems ordering Plexus Slim???
    Call Robin at 225-636-0818 for help ordering. She can help set your account up online and you will have a user name and password so you can personally make changes to your orders yourself. It is important that you remember this information you used to place your order.

    Robin can walk you through setting up your account. You then have complete control over your order. You can then make changes to it anytime you want including canceling your order or put it on hold for a month or two.

    Just call Robin Elsenrath at 225-636-0818 for help ordering. To order visit http://iloveplexus.com/

  7. Anonymous says:

    DarylandCindy, yes you can order just the Slim. go to shopmyplexus.com/beccalewis and search under products. There you can select just the Slim. Email blewis721@yahoo.com with any questions!

  8. Hi Lynette!
    Please see my comment to Charlotte above. With our new system, some orders got stuck and didn’t fully process. Please do call them at 480-998-3490 from 6 am until 6 pm Arizona Time and they will get it fixed for you! I’m so sorry this happened. It happened with my regular order too. But I called and it got fixed right away!

  9. Charlotte,
    Plexus just changed it’s back office (where you order the product from) and there have been a few hiccups along the way. The phone system has been over loaded as well. The wait times have been getting lower. Customer service is open from 6 am to 6 pm Arizona time. Myself, yesterday waited only 45 min before my call was taken. Yes this is a long time, however, it was over an hr a few weeks ago. More customer service reps have been hired and are in training right now. CS number is 480-998-3490. I am so sorry that you’re having these issues! It’s not how Plexus does business.

  10. nakyuyoh says:

    nice for time moment

  11. Can I buy just the powder without the accelerator?

  12. charity says:

    Link removed because it was just a Plexus Ambassadors website link and nothing else. If you leave your link you must leave some content. Tell us how much you lost and where you are from, city and state. The more information, content and stories you leave the better.

    Thanks, the Management of this site.

  13. Heather Taylor says:

    Wrong email heatherft67@gmail.com

  14. Morgan says:

    If you sign up as a preferred customer it’s cheaper than retail so it depends.


    Go to this website go to the top right and it says shop plexus click that and then click preferred customer.

  15. Morgan says:

    Yes there is there is a 7 day trial package..


    Go to this website go to the top right and it says shop plexus click that and then click preferred customer.

  16. Morgan says:


    Go to this website go to the top right and it says shop plexus click that and then click preferred customer.

  17. Morgan says:

    It depends if you buy as a retail customer or a preferred customer

  18. HomeBiz says:

    Sorry but we cannot publish prices on our websites due to company policy. You can visit my company site at http://www.ILovePlexus.com and click on weight loss products. This will show your pictures, information and the prices of the products.

  19. Suana hollis says:

    I have lost 59 lbs since April on these products! This is the Only thing that has worked for me!
    It’s August 9th now, plan to keep using these products hoping to lose another 70 . This is easy drink pink ,take couple pulls and go! Sample pack? Call Donna at641-590-1577

  20. Patricia Payne says:

    Is there a sample pack I could try? Have heard alot about it

  21. Karen says:

    What is the cost? I would like to order it can I do that on line?

  22. Kim says:

    How long can it take to see results

  23. Kim White says:

    Has anyone quit the product and gained weight back?

  24. jackie bryant says:

    Need to know more information about this product with the ingredients are I’m allergic to a lot of different things and I need to know and what the cost would be my email is Jackie Darlene bryant@me.com all lowercase letters thank you very much for your time. Have a good day.

  25. Joanie says:

    Contact Tracey. She will help you!!!

  26. Joanie says:

    Contact Tracey McPheron. I seen she was losing weight like crazy and asked her about it. She’s currently using it. Amazing results. Wonderful person.

  27. Joanie says:

    I know of someone. Her name is Tracey. Her contact info is tap42501@gmail.com. I seen she had lost weight in a short time and asked her about it. She is currently using it.

  28. Donna Zammit says:

    Would like to no the price of the drink & capsule ???? Also do u send a sample pack out ???


  29. Mary knight says:

    I do like it very. Much do u have favors t

  30. LaTonya says:

    How can I order online?

  31. Wendy says:

    Question : I see it says avoid heat or direct sunlight . Is that a person taking the product or just the product shouldn’t be stored in heat . Just trying to clarify – I use a tanning bed and just started the product

  32. Robin says:

    Too all that have questions:
    I am happy to help. You can call me from 8 in the morning to 8 at night Central time. My name is Robin and my number is 225-636-0818. I cannot publish pricing on the site but can give you that information if you call me. This is my full time business and can help you any time you call. If I am on a call just leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get off the call I am on. I have added my phone number to the homepage of this site with the hope that more people will call me. This is what I am here for, to answer your questions and help.
    I hope this helps.
    Thanks to all!
    Robin Elsenrath

  33. Jo Ann foret says:

    How much and how to buy

  34. Carmen holy says:

    Is there a sample Pakistan to try? What are the costs?

  35. trisha says:

    Hi there, If there is someone actively managing this site, please contact me. I have some questions and looking for advice. I tried contacting before and never heard from anyone, which is why I responded to a few people above. thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you:)

  36. trisha says:

    We’re you able to find someone to help you? If not please feel free to contact me at trishaheyne@yahoo.com.

  37. trisha says:

    We’re you able to find someone to help you? If not, please feel free to contact me trishaheyne@yahoo.com

  38. Tamara Harp says:

    I have heard nothing but good things about this drink. I am interested in becoming an Ambassador for my area or a sales consultant . I have many friends asking me if I know how to get it and I have told them I would find a way . Thanks so much.

  39. virginia Findlay says:

    Is there a sample pak I could try first?

  40. Shannon France says:

    Is there samples? I would like to try it before I buy it.

  41. Susan says:

    I would like to try this product and wanted to know the cost of a 30 day supply

  42. Mary says:

    I just wanna know the cost of this product

  43. Teresa says:

    Hello is their a sample pack I can try to see if this is something I can use my friends are raving about it but they live in other states so I can’t try theirs thank you Teresa

  44. J Glynn says:

    I really like this produce